Transportation of goods

Company TLC - "Transport and Logistics Center" LLC transports freight in the territory of Russia and abroad, develops and implements logistic schemes of client's cargo traffic in full compliance with the specific character of its business.

We provide our clients with a variety of transportation and logistics services in the Northwest Region and throughout Russia and the CIS. In addition, we transport freight in all directions. Our container transport services , including railway transportation of freight, provide to save time and resources which positively affects the final cost of services provided by our company.

Partners of our Company: "Module", "Fesco", "Maersk", "New Forwarding Company", "Firma "Transgarant" LLC, "EuroSib", "DVTG", "Russkaya Troika", "Novotrans", "Sovmortrans", "STIM", "CMA CGM", "MSC", "Hapag-Lloyd" and others.

Railway Cargo Transportation in Russia Железнодорожные перевозки грузов

Transportation of cargo by means of railway transport is one of the priorities of our company since it provides an opportunity to deliver various products, including heavy and bulky cargo in a relatively short time. Railway with TLC Company provides rapid, careful and safe shipping of goods to all cities in Russia.

Sea Transportation of cargo in any volume from St. Petersburg Морские перевозки грузов

Sea lines are a great way of shipping over long distances. Maritime transport has the largest carrying capacity. Throughout the world, including Russia, there is a developed network of waterways which provide movement of cargo ships. Sea transportation of cargo is carried out in containers as this is the most convenient and consistent method of transportation.

Fast Trucking Автомобильные перевозки грузов

Currently this is the most popular way of transportation. The advantages are: high speed, safety and security of goods, control at any stage though the most modern navigation means, delivery without any delays and intermediate handling.

International Cargo Transportation in All Directions Международные перевозки грузов

This is the main way to deliver various products to another country. The sender determines the final destination point and the task of TLC is to develop a convenient route, forwarding, insurance and delivery to the addressee. International cargo transportation is a complex process which usually involves several transportation means. In this case this type of transportation is also called intermodal transportation.


Rail freight freight is not limited in volumes and amount of transported goods, including oversized goods, while ensuring their highest integrity. Raid freight services provided by TLC have a number of advantages which include:

  • rail freight is carried out by means of company's own fleet of cars and containers (wagon transportation);
  • rail freight starts from unloading from company's own railway terminal which saves a considerable amount of time.

To those clients which are interested in rail freight TLC provides the most efficient and convenient conditions of cooperation.

TLC subdivides Rail freight into several types:

  • Container cargo transportation is carried out by means of universal containers. The advantage of this type is the possibility to transport the goods "from one door to another".
  • Groupage cargo transportation. In this case transportation of goods by rail is carried out in containers, train sets and carriages. This type of rail freight enables to transport goods without any restrictions to weight or volume.
  • Transportation of oversized items. This type of rail freight is the most complex process as special train sets are involved.
  • Rail freight in carriages. This is the most effective and popular type of transportation and it enables to deliver the products to their destination very fast and efficiently.

Transport logistics combines different processes consisting of separate logistic operations required to organize planning and delivery of cargo. The choice of the most efficient transportation route and thorough implementation of this route makes transportation services much cheaper. The work of our company is based on Transport Logistics and it enables to have significant cost savings for our clients.

We have complete control over goods transportation through all intermediate points of the route developed by our specialist and provide related services. At your request we can execute all related documents, assist with customs clearance, organization and implementation of handling, delivery of goods directly to customer's warehouse or the recipient.

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